Our first blog post

Our first blog post

We're not gonna lie to you. Blogging is totally new to us. However, we do want to keep you up-to-date on what's going on around here . . . at the store . . . at camp . . . and at the beach. We love Leo Carrillo State Beach as much as you do. It's a place where you can take your mind off everything, refresh yourself and restart your day/week/year. Check in with us from time-to-time and see what inspires us.

Using this blog, we hope to share topics such as: future shirt and cap designs; Leo Carrillo State Beach news; beach lot closures; campsite closures; favorite camp sites; favorite Leo beach or cove locations; things to do at Leo Carrillo; Camp photos; Beach photos; Surf photos; Diving photos; Fishing photos; Beach Store people; TV and film happenings at Leo; Special Events at Leo Carrillo and humorous anecdotes from Tony.

We hope to figure this blogging feature out to communicate with you. Be sure to keep us on our toes via the Contact Us page on this site.

Until then,

See ya at Leo!

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